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Battery Lawyer in Long Beach, CA

Battery is the act of one individual against another individual, which causes physical or sexual harm or offense. This means that a flasher on the street could be convicted of battery. Generally, the act is classified as a misdemeanor, unless it is severe, in which it would be moved up to a felony. Anything from a slap across the face to a full out physical attack could be considered battery. Some areas define battery as an attack by the person or by something set in motion by the person. This means that a bottle thrown across the room could be classified as a battery attack, if the bottle hits someone. Since there are so many “could be’s” or “maybe’s” in the definition, you certainly don’t want to try to figure out for yourself if you have been a victim of battery.

Additionally, the definition of battery is allowed to differ between jurisdictions. Is that projectile thrown from the car that cut open your arm a weapon of battery? Is that slap across the face something that can be used for your personal gain? Call us and find out. There are differences between towns, and we know the differences. Make sure you know too by calling the experts first.

Whether you are from Los Angeles or Long Beach, we have the answers for you. We will hit the books to make sure we properly define the term battery in your area. Even if you were just visiting the area where the incident took place, call us to see if you have a case. Don’t depend on someone else to tell you if you can gain something from your pain and suffering. Call us first and allow the experts to help you with your next step.

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