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Juvenile crime is defined as a crime committed by someone under the age of 18. At 18, a person is an adult and will be tried as an adult. Juveniles, however, are treated differently within the court systems. Often, punishments are lighter and judges are more lenient toward juveniles. Juveniles might have more than three strikes, and they are not allowed to enter the prisons with the adults. They typically go to juvenile detention centers for rehabilitation and continuing education.

Some crimes, however, find juveniles being tried as adults. Every area of the country views juveniles differently, which means that their crimes differ from place to place. Are you a juvenile that might have made a mistake? You don’t want to go at this alone – you want to call us now. You don’t know if your crime will be viewed as a juvenile crime, and you don’t know if you can be tried as an adult. Call us and we will bring with us our years of experience in Southern California law. We will be armed with the knowledge that you need to get the least amount of punishment possible. Not only do we know the best rehab centers if necessary, we also know the best juvenile detention centers, and will work hard to reduce your sentence or prove that you did not commit the crime.

Why go anywhere else? You want someone who will understand the laws of Southern California, and you want someone who will hold your hand through the full process. After the trial is over, and there is a conviction, call us to make sure the file is expunged so you are able to begin your adult life with a clean slate.

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At Frisco Law Offices, Mr. Frisco understands how deeply impacted your life can be when accused of a crime. He knows the difficulties you face in terms of taking the right steps and making the best decisions. He represents individuals every day facing this situation, some of whom have been told they are in unwinnable positions. Mr. Frisco has been taking on even the toughest cases since 1993, including special circumstance life without parole murder trials. That experience includes thousands of clients and more than 150 jury trials. That is the kind of practical work within the criminal justice system that can make a significant difference in results.