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Hit and run cases are cases identified as incidents when an individual causes bodily or property harm to another with a vehicle, then the driver of the vehicle leaves the scene of the accident. This could mean that a person was walking and hit by a car, riding a bike, riding in a vehicle which was hit, or that no person was around when the damage happened to the property. The most common hit and run incident is the parked car situation. A car is parked in a parking lot or on the side of the street, and someone hits it. Since no one is looking, the person who hit the car simply drives away. This is a hit and run incident.

If you have been accused of a hit and run, or if you are the victim of a hit and run, call us right away. We will not only help you find out what happened, we will stand by you as you go to court. Whether you are defending yourself against an accuser or bringing someone to court for the crime, we will stand by you and get you every penny you deserve. Car or property damages are expensive, as are hospital bills or time lost working due to healing time. Who else is going to help you pay? Come to us and we will help you find the person who will help you pay. Accused of committing this crime? Come to us and we will gather all the evidence to help you present the real truth. Don’t go through this alone. Additionally, if the insurance companies don’t want to help you pay to fix this, we will go after them as well. Cash in on the years of experience we bring with us, and make sure you get what you need every single time.

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At Frisco Law Offices, Mr. Frisco understands how deeply impacted your life can be when accused of a crime. He knows the difficulties you face in terms of taking the right steps and making the best decisions. He represents individuals every day facing this situation, some of whom have been told they are in unwinnable positions. Mr. Frisco has been taking on even the toughest cases since 1993, including special circumstance life without parole murder trials. That experience includes thousands of clients and more than 150 jury trials. That is the kind of practical work within the criminal justice system that can make a significant difference in results.