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Obstruction of Justice Lawyer in Long Beach, CA

Obstruction of justice refers to any act which stands in the way of the work of a government official. This means that disturbing a police officer during an arrest or warranted search, interrupting a judge in a court of law, hiding evidence from an investigator, or any other act that keeps law enforcement from doing their job. Obstruction of justice is taken very seriously because those that block justice might have something to hide themselves. If you find yourself accused of obstruction of justice, you might be facing jail time or at least a trial in court. You don’t want to face this alone. You want to call a lawyer right away.

Call us and tell us your story. Let us take over the case and find defenses for you that will help relieve you of this stress. We have been working these types of cases for twenty years, and we won’t rest until you have what you need from the court system. Even if the court is ready to throw the book at you, we will step in to advocate for you and get your sentence lessened. You want the best Southern California lawyers on your side to get out of this mess and to avoid harsh punishments.

When you call us, we bring you in to talk over your case and find out why certain actions were taken. We then hit the books and depend on our extensive, collective knowledge to find the best course of action for you. We go over all your options, then we go with you to court to make sure you are properly represented. We bring justice to you and we insist on justice for you from the courts. Call us now if you find yourself in this situation, and we will help you get what you need.

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At Frisco Law Offices, Mr. Frisco understands how deeply impacted your life can be when accused of a crime. He knows the difficulties you face in terms of taking the right steps and making the best decisions. He represents individuals every day facing this situation, some of whom have been told they are in unwinnable positions. Mr. Frisco has been taking on even the toughest cases since 1993, including special circumstance life without parole murder trials. That experience includes thousands of clients and more than 150 jury trials. That is the kind of practical work within the criminal justice system that can make a significant difference in results.