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Robbery Lawyer in Long Beach, CA

Robbery differs from other forms of stealing in that it is defined as including fear in its tactics. Common law defines robbery as the intent of one person to take another person’s possessions so the owner cannot use that possession, and using fear to take the item. This means that anyone who takes money from someone at gunpoint is committing a robbery. Anyone who threatens to cause you bodily harm if you do not give them your possessions is committing a robbery. This accusation often accompanies breaking and entering and burglary. If you have been a victim of robbery, or if you have been accused of robbery, it is time to call us immediately for consultation.

Not only will we help you figure out how to get through this, we will also find ways to either reduce or completely remove your sentence. Without lawyers like us, you could face jail time, or the person who victimized you might not go to jail. You need someone who will stand by your side, and you need someone who will come armed with twenty years of experience in Southern California law. Why would you want anyone else?

Call us right away and we will listen to your story. We will hit the books and find out exactly what we can get for you. We will use our pool of experts and our extensive years of practice to make sure you get what you deserve. You tell us what you want to happen and we will work hard to make it happen. If you want that criminal to pay for what happened, we will advocate for you. If you find yourself in a mess and you need to get out, we will go to bat for you. Just call and talk to us. It will be the best call you ever made.

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At Frisco Law Offices, Mr. Frisco understands how deeply impacted your life can be when accused of a crime. He knows the difficulties you face in terms of taking the right steps and making the best decisions. He represents individuals every day facing this situation, some of whom have been told they are in unwinnable positions. Mr. Frisco has been taking on even the toughest cases since 1993, including special circumstance life without parole murder trials. That experience includes thousands of clients and more than 150 jury trials. That is the kind of practical work within the criminal justice system that can make a significant difference in results.